Biwa Family

BiwaFamily is dedicated to helping each individual live an optimal lifestyle, provide natural and evidence-based care that uses basics, fundamentals, and origins of health.

Biwa Family


We are a “health hub” that helps each individual to lead an optimal lifestyle.

In addition to loquat leaf hyperthermia therapy (BiwaOnkyu) and medical massage, we also teach health management for daily life.

We use methods of health care that are based on those common connections for all human beings born on earth, regardless of age, gender, or nationality.
The connection to life from our mothers
The condition to our survive

We believe that we, as health representatives, have a responsibility to go back to the basics, fundamentals, and the starting point to convey the essence of health.

In this age of overflowing health information, it is easy to be swayed by health philosophies if one is not able to discern them.

We provide natural and evidence-based products to those who are serious about their health, with the consistent philosophy that “the first priority is to create the conditions necessary for life“.

*We are working with Miyazaki-based Mrs. Akemi Nagatomo (She has devoted herself to the prevention of cancer, cancer education, ect. while also performing holistic based treatments focusing on loquat therapy and is President of Cancer Free Family, a non-profit organization) to incorporate this health care system.