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Health Management

The first priority is to create the conditions necessary for life

These days, we are bombarded with health information and methods, such as diets that are good for our bodies, supplements that provide the nutrition we lack, and detoxification methods that help us eliminate unwanted substances from our bodies,,,
Many of these methods focus on what to consume for health and what to avoid putting into the body.

Of course, it is important to review your diet and detoxify your body, but at BiwaFamily, We believe that putting the *essential aspects of our lives first is foundational.

*Our life begins in the environment of our mother's amniotic fluid, and our bodies need sufficient oxygen to keep us alive

We use methods of health care that are based on those common connections for all human beings born on earth, regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

The connection to life from our mothers
The condition to our survive

It is the source from which our bodies are made (marine minerals) and without which life cannot be sustained (oxygen). They are the basis on which we can live; they are essential and indispensable for life. With our information we will help teach you the importance of building up what is good for your body after you have prepared the essentials.

Specifically, the intake of marine minerals (the same components are found in amniotic fluid), drinking nanobubble water and microbubble baths to spread oxygen (oxygen-rich cells are an environment that viruses and bacteria can’t survive) to every corner of the cells.
The point is that no special action or work is required. We can build a foundation by doing the same things we do in our daily lives – drinking highly concentrated oxygenated water, consuming marine minerals when eating and drinking, and taking microbubble baths.
The highest priority should be placed on building this foundation. After this foundation has been built, we can then practice proper eating (what to consume and avoid), excretion, detoxification, and so on.

Below is an explanation of the importance of minerals and oxygen.

・About Minerals

During the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, “oceans” have been created on the earth. On the primitive Earth, there was no oxygen in the atmosphere, and life could not survive on land. However, life was born in the “oceans,” and further evolved organisms produced oxygen in the oceans, which in turn changed the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere. Finally, life left the water and came to live on land.

Organisms that live in the ocean enjoy the minerals of life from the ocean, and organisms that live on land, away from the ocean, live with the minerals of the ocean inside their bodies. The composition of the tissue, fluid and blood of living organisms existing today is similar to that of seawater, and this is also true for us humans.

The amniotic fluid of the mother that nurtures and protects the fetus is also “sea” itself. If we examine the mineral balance of amniotic fluid, we find that it is very similar to “ocean” water. In other words, the fetus spends its time until birth in the “sea” of amniotic fluid.

Minerals are the origin of human life and the origin of the 60 trillion cells that make up our bodies.

・About Oxygen

We are aerobic organisms that need oxygen to live on land. We live by having enough oxygen permeating the cells of our bodies.

Dr. Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1931) demonstrated that tumors (cancer cells) develop in cells under low oxygen concentrations. Lack of oxygen causes the body to become acidic, and Dr. Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not take in oxygen) and cannot survive under high oxygen concentrations.

The National Cancer Institute’s informational journal “Understanding Cancer” also mentions infection as one of the major causes of cancer. Infection refers to viruses and bacteria. Viruses and bacteria are anaerobic organisms that can survive in the absence of oxygen.

It is important to eliminate the lack of oxygen in the cells that cause not only cancer but also other diseases, and to distribute oxygen to the cells. 

Thus, we humans live on the basis of minerals and oxygen.

(Babies born with high mineral and oxygen levels.)


BiwaFamily provides care based on the premise that high mineral and oxygen levels are necessary to sustain life.

The environment surrounding us is mineral-deficient and oxygen-deficient

Minerals cannot be synthesized in the body and must be taken in through food. According to a report from the 1992 World Earth Summit, the amount of minerals in the soil around the world has decreased by 85% in North America, 72% to 76% in Asia, Europe, and Africa, and 55% in Oceania, compared to 100 years ago. Even if we try to consume minerals in our diet, it is difficult to take in enough minerals because the total amount of minerals has decreased.

And the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere has also decreased from its peak 300 million years ago (35%) to 100 years ago (24%) and to the present (20%). When the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere reaches 18%, survival is no longer possible. Today, we live in an oxygen-deficient environment.

In order to create a high-mineral, high-oxygen body from the current mineral-deficient, acid-deficient state

BiwaFamily offers marine minerals made from minerals flowing out from “hydrothermal vents” on the ocean floor, which has been attracting attention in recent years as the birthplace of life, and nanobubble water for drinking and microbubble baths that allows oxygen to be absorbed not only through breath but also orally and transdermally.

The main reason why we use marine minerals and nanobubble water among many other products is because it has supporting clinical trial data.
Not just any minerals are good, but they must be absorbed and used properly by the body. Since there are many minerals that can be inhibited by an mineral unbalance, it is important to take a large number of minerals in good balance, and they must be ionized for the body to absorb them. At our salon, we use patented ionized marine minerals (made in Japan) that have been proven to be effective.