Biwa Family

A Strong Ally

(Translated from Japanese)

I bought a loquat heat treatment device to keep my family healthy.  Especially when someone starts showing signs of catching a cold we can use it on their throat to help prevent it from getting any worse.  Loquat heat treatment can be used not only adults but also children so I will sometime use it on my childrens stomach or back when they are not feeling well.  My children are always calm and relaxed when we use it and they even say “do the heat treatment!”.  They love how warm and soft it is.  
Once you have experienced it you will be looking forward to the next chance to use it.
It is easy to setup and prepare, and cleaning is easy.  Its compact enough that you could even bring it on a trip.
I feel relieved knowing that I have a loquat heat treatment device at home.  Loquat heat treatment is a strong ally that helps protects the health of our family! 

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