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I Really Enjoy It

(Translated from Japanese)

I have been suffering with a sensitivity with cold for many years.   Even in the summer, if I am in a room with an air conditioner, I often feel that my hands, waist and feet get very cold.
I have tried many different ways of warming my body, but even if it gets better in the short term I always get cold again so I was looking for a way to fundamentally improve my condition.  Since being introduced to loquat heat treatment I have been using it every night before I go to sleep.  I start by focusing on my stomach and my waist and move on to acupoints on my legs.  My impressions after using it is that I was getting warmer, almost like I was taking a hot bath.  Perhaps because I was able to relax before going to bed, I was able to sleep better and get a full night’s sleep.
The cold sensitivity gradually improved and things became much easier for me.  As the cold sensitivity was improving my issue with constipation also get better.
Loquat heat treatment is very easy to use and I really enjoy it.

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